Car Accident

I had a car accident late Sunday afternoon returning from the Convention at Salisbury. I fell asleep at the wheel. I don’t remember anything after Greenwood and came through the(RED) intersection at the Lake Forest red light. I threw my hand up to protect my face and my hand/wrist slammed into the windshield. I think every muscle I have hurts, cuts on my hand/wrist and plenty of bruises…but nothing was broken and we’re all ALIVE!!!!

You can always tell when GODs people are praying!!! Nothing’s broken, I’m just stiff and sore. But the LORD is so good, so very, very good! And in the midst of it all, I spent time with the PEACE SPEAKER!!!!

At one point I was sitting in the ER completely alone and it all began to roll over me in giant waves and I remembered my olive branch (from Bro. Rose’s sermon)…. “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee”. And as I laid there the tears began to stream and I felt such contentment in the midst of it all.


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