Scrapbook of sin

I believe we each have our own pathway to healing after salvation.  Perhaps I’ve become cynical over the years, but I struggle with laughter whenever I hear someone spout off that “Jesus is the answer” in that cookie-cutter way of speaking.  As if surrendering your life to Him will instantly not only wash away all your sins but heal all your wounds, remove all the scars, tear down all the walls and erase all the memories.  Don’t I wish!!!  

Don’t get me wrong, it will be miraculous the way God moves in your life once you’ve surrendered yourself to Him, but don’t be discouraged when life isn’t a bed of roses.
I can remember one time kneeling at an altar, I had been battling the same thing over and over and over again and I just couldn’t find victory.  As I knelt there, it’s as though God opened the scrapbook of my life and began flipping the pages, page after page of immorality, page after page of pain, page after page of unforgettable memories, page after page of filth.  I remember so clearly crying out to Him in all my brokeness and asking “why did You make me this way?” and I’ll never forget hearing that still small voice responding so sadly yet so lovingly “I didn’t make you this way, SIN DID!” 
I realized at that moment that all that I am is a result of sin.  My pain, my scars, my battles, my wounds, my bleeding is all a direct result of sin. 


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