Gotta love my 16 year old

k so I’m not gone crazy which is probably what you were thinking from the subject line but the truth is I plan on getting lots of tattoos when the time comes. The other truth is that I would like to have my mothers opinion on them before I get em. When I say opinion I don’t mean how dumb and stupid it is I mean I don’t want to put anything permanently on my body my mother is gonna HATE with a passion for the rest of my life, with that being said I’m almost 100% your not gonna like either, but with a realistic mind in knowing ima get one or the other, which would you prefer. People I ask seem to be split, in leaning more towards the lighter one just because I like it a little more and if the artist messes up a little the dark black in the other one would be nearly impossible to cover. Think about it and let me know,


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