An abundance of Peppers

Tonight as I walked around out back in the produce sale area I saw several boxes of peppers.  They were so beautiful!  And I decided to go ahead and try to get another box so I could make up more Hot Pepper Jelly to use as Christmas gifts. 

So I asked the guy working there to try and get me a box but I didn’t want to spend more than $3.  Evidently he took that to mean that I’d enjoy getting TWO boxes if he could get me two for $3.00. 

Good grief!!!  I ended up with one box of Hungarian Wax (pale green) and a box of ORANGE HABANEROS…box, as in 60+ HABANEROS! 

And then later as we’re turning off the lights and closing down the office we realized that someone left TWO boxes of Garden Salsa Peppers (red and green) in the back room.  Care to guess WHO took them home with her?

Know what I’ll be doing tomorrow?


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